Acoustic Sound Clip Catalog of Passive Acoustic Data, NE Chukchi Sea, 2008-2012

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What does this data set describe?

Acoustic Sound Clip Catalog of Passive Acoustic Data, NE Chukchi Sea, 2008-2012
This data set was collected as part of the Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP), a multi-year, interdisciplinary ecological study focused on areas in outer continental shelf oil and gas leases in the northeastern Chukchi Sea. In 2008 when the program began, two 30 x 30 nautical mile study area boxes were developed around areas of interest to ConocoPhillips and Shell. The ConocoPhillips study area (named Klondike), and the Shell study area (named Burger) became the focus of data collection. Data were collected from these two study areas again in 2009. Then, in 2010, Statoil joined the program, and a third study area, Statoil, was created and sampled as well as Klondike and Burger. In 2011 and 2012, the scope of the study area was expanded to include the Hanna Shoal Regional Study Area. Throughout the entire program, passive acoustic data collection targeted a larger area extending from Cape Lisburne to Barrow out to approximately 100 nautical miles.
The CSESP interdisciplinary studies include acoustic monitoring, baseline chemistry, benthic ecology, chemical oceanography, fisheries ecology, marine mammal ecology, physical oceanography, plankton ecology and nutrients, and seabird ecology.
This data set contains descriptions of representative sound clips from acoustic acquisition in the NE Chukchi Sea from 2008 to 2012. Accompanying sound clips are in *.wav file format. Parameters of the acoustic sound clip catalog include the name of the recorder from which the sound clip was obtained, the name of the .wav file, the name of the spectra plot , the source of the sound recorded, the local dates and times the sound was recorded, a description of the sound, the study year, notes concerning the record, the title of the annual report the data set supports, and the name of the contractor who gathered the data. The related data set entitled Passive Acoustic Acquisition, NE Chukchi Sea, 2009-2012 contains recorder information and mooring locations.
Edition 4 Updates (November 2013): Appended 2012 data, incorporated PI edits, added keywords and added SPECTRA PLOT to the list of parameters.
Edition 3 Updates (August 2013): Stylesheet reference removed from metadata file. Added PI edits.
Edition 2 Updates(February 2013): Appended 2011 data, updated metadata to include details about 2011 season, geographic projection updated from NAD83 to WGS84.
To download annual report listed under REPORT field in table, please see
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    David Hannay, JASCO Applied Sciences, November 2013, Acoustic Sound Clip Catalog of Passive Acoustic Data, NE Chukchi Sea, 2008-2012.

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  3. What does it look like?

  4. Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period?

    Beginning_Date: 2008
    Ending_Date: 2012
    Currentness_Reference: ground condition

  5. What is the general form of this data set?

    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: tabular digital data

  6. How does the data set represent geographic features?

    1. How are geographic features stored in the data set?

    2. What coordinate system is used to represent geographic features?

  7. How does the data set describe geographic features?

    Sound Clips
    A catalog of sound clips from passive acoustic data recorded in the northeastern Chukchi Sea. (Source: CSESP)

    Recorder name. Alpha refers to location and number refers to miles from shore. B = Barrow, BG = Burger Study Area, CL = Cape Lisburne, CLN = Northern Cape Lisburne, KL = Klondike Study Area, PL = Point Lay, PLN = Northern Point Lay, SO = Statoil Study Area, W = Wainwright, WN = Northern Wainwright. (Source: CSESP)

    Buoy Code.

    Sound clip filename for given recorder_id in wav or (Source: CSESP)

    Sound clip file name.

    Spectra plot file name. (Source: CSESP)

    Spectra plot name.

    Source of sound (Source: CSESP)

    BHWBowhead whale
    BSBearded seal
    FWFin whale
    GWGray whale
    HWHumpback whale
    KWKiller whale
    MWMinke whale
    RSRinged seal
    VSVessel sounds
    WAPacific walrus
    WWBeluga whale

    Local date and time sound was recorded. (Source: CSESP)

    Range of values
    Units:Local date and time.

    Description of sound clip (Source: CSESP)

    Free text description.

    Year data was collected. (Source: CSESP)


    For notes concerning this record. (Source: CSESP)

    Free text notes.

    Title of annual report that data supports. (Source: CSESP)

    Company contracted to collect and/or analyze data. (Source: CSESP)


Who produced the data set?

  1. Who are the originators of the data set? (may include formal authors, digital compilers, and editors)

  2. Who also contributed to the data set?

    ConocoPhillips, Shell, and Statoil would like to express their appreciation to Olgoonik Fairweather, LLC and David Hannay, JASCO Applied Sciences for creating this data set.

  3. To whom should users address questions about the data?

    Senior Scientist
    ConocoPhillips, 700 G Street
    Anchorage, AK 99501

    Please contact Data Distributor for information about obtaining data (see Distribution Information in metadata).

Why was the data set created?

The objectives of the Chukchi Sea Environmental Baseline Studies Program are: 1. To provide data for pre-exploration and development-related activities 2. To provide data for permit applications 3. To provide input to planning of future operations and associated mitigation 4. To provide additional baseline data that can be used to assess and measure the potential environmental effects of offshore oil and gas exploration and development in the northeastern Chukchi Sea

How was the data set created?

  1. From what previous works were the data drawn?

  2. How were the data generated, processed, and modified?

    Date: Unknown (process 1 of 1)
    No process steps have been described for this data set

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How reliable are the data; what problems remain in the data set?

  1. How well have the observations been checked?

  2. How accurate are the geographic locations?

  3. How accurate are the heights or depths?

  4. Where are the gaps in the data? What is missing?

    This data set includes supporting documents which constists of a series of sound files and spectrogram image files.

  5. How consistent are the relationships among the observations, including topology?

    Each year the primary investigators spent approximately nine months analyzing their data and then produced a discipline specific annual report for CSESP and a final data set. The final data had to adhere to a predetermined data protocol and pass through a data validation tool in order to be accepted by the data manager. Data that did not pass validation were returned to the primary investigators to be corrected and resubmitted for validation.

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Access_Constraints: None
User shall not employ selective use of this data; data must be used in its entirety. User must comprehend all information contained within the metadata, especially as it pertains to data quality and spatial coverage of data. User must ensure that the most recent version of data and metadata are used. User must contact data originator of biological data before using such data in a publication. Acknowledgment of data originator and all points of contact listed for data would be appreciated.

  1. Who distributes the data set? (Distributor 1 of 1)

    National Center for Atmospheric Research
    Attn: Earth Observing Laboratory
    3450 Mitchell Lane
    Boulder, CO 80301

    303-497-8154 (voice)

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    The user assumes the entire risk related to use of this data and information. NOAA and/or AOOS and their third party data providers are providing this data and information "as is," and disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any warranties of completeness, utility. accuracy, merchantability or fitness of this data for a particular purpose. ConocoPhillips, Shell, and Statoil make no representation or warranty, express or implied, with regard to any of these data or metadata, as used alone or in combination with another data set, and expressly disclaim any representation or warranty. It is the responsibility of the data user to fully comprehend the metadata before use of the data. Each person accessing or using the data or metadata assumes all risks and all liabilities arising from or associated with such access or use. ConocoPhillips, Shell and Statoil shall have no responsibility or liability for any damages caused by any errors or omissions in the data or metadata or by improper or incorrect use of the data or metadata.

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