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FTP Submission Procedures

For FTP, you must be using an ftp client capable of passive mode and have that mode activated for this transfer to work.

For ftp instructions from a windows machine, click here.

UNIX Instructions:

ftp				(initiate connection)
anonymous					(login as anonymous, no password required)
cd pub/data/incoming/pacmars/<pi_lastname>	(must change to the PI's subdirectory, as indicated by last name in lower-case, before you can view files)
bin 						(sets to binary mode for transfer)
passive 					(sets to passive mode; make sure this turns passive mode ON, not OFF)
put "filename"					(transfer file, repeat as needed)
quit						(exits FTP)	

It is very important that you include documentation with your data. Please upload this file separately from your data to keep confusion to a minimum.